Limo set on fire by unhinged left-wing protesters actually belonged to a self-employed legal immigrant

The Democrat party is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the entire country. As they continue to dress themselves up as “compassionate,” “tolerant,” and “accepting of all viewpoints,” they simultaneously take to the streets and destroy just about everything in their path.

The most recent victim of the left’s “tolerance” was Muhammad Ashraf, a Muslim man who saw his $70,000 limousine go up in flames at the hands of anti-Trump protestors in Washington DC. Ashraf’s employee was also injured. (RELATED: The Defeated Left Turns To Hate: Liberals Unleash Beatings, Death Threats and Calls For Mass Murder of Trump Supporters).

According to Red Alert Politics, Ashraf’s employee, Luis Villarroel, was in the middle of dropping off a client when the chaos began. In a fit of rage, the protestors began slamming on the vehicle and throwing stones and bricks. Villarroel ended up going to the hospital for minor injuries.

In an interview with Red Alert, Ashraf said that although he personally opposed Donald Trump politically, he would never feel he had the right to go out and damage someone else’s property. “I did not agree with many of the things he [Donald Trump] said,” Ashraf explained, “but that still does not give me the right to go and affect someone’s livelihood.”

And yet, a significant amount of liberal progressives see things much differently. They believe that their actions, no matter how radical or over the top, are justified because in their minds, they are the freedom fighters. In their heads, they have convinced themselves that they are the side of morality, compassion and righteousness. Thus, even an act as extreme as lighting a limousine on fire and causing $70,000 worth of damages is acceptable. (RELATED: Read more examples of domestic terrorism at

Imagine what would have happened had it been a bunch of Obama protestors that had lit a Muslim’s vehicle on fire. The outrage from the left, both in congress and in the mainstream media, would be virtually endless. Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch would waste no time at all launching a full investigation into the incident. Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and other left wing media types would be talking about it for weeks upon weeks, labeling conservatives as anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim bigots. The liberal newspapers and online publications would be having a field day attacking the entire Republican Party without any remorse whatsoever.

But the opposite happened. It wasn’t republicans who injured a Muslim man and lit a limousine on fire; it was a group of radical democrats, a political party that has become a hate group. And therefore, we hear nothing but crickets. (RELATED: The Mainstream Media’s Downplaying of UC Berkeley Riot Shows Complicity With Left wing violence).

A GoFundMe page was set up to help raise money for Ashraf, who generously stated that any money raised beyond the costs of the car and medical expenses would be donated to charity. As of the time this article was completed, Ashraf had raised over $5,500.


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